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Our Reviews

“Their products are the best on the market and they have always been great people to work with. Our relationship has always been important to the success of my business. They are a perfect 5 stars!”

Bryce Addison, President/CEO

“I deal with many vendors every day and I have to applaud ISR for their wonderful service and quick response. It is my pleasure to work with your team and I am thankful for the support.”

Marcel Eadwine, Senior Buyer

“I can definitely say that I’d recommend Industrial Supply to anyone. I really enjoyed working with ISR and describe their commitment to service as excellent…they helped us create great value for consumers.”

Evelyn Gracie, General Manager

“I’ve been buying from Industrial Supply since I opened my business. They were the first pipe, valve, and fitting company I bought from, and I will continue to buy from them as long as I’m in business.”

Raelene Megan, General Manager