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Butterfly Valves for Process Piping Systems

A butterfly valve offers a reliable, lightweight alternative to a ball valve for stopping flow and modulating it. When you need dependable, high-quality butterfly valves for industrial pipe systems, talk to our Industrial Pipe & Valve team. We offer a variety of triple offset butterfly valves in lug and wafer styles, along with a full selection of other valves and fittings for process piping. 

Our company has over 20 years of experience, and not only do we offer the products you need to service and maintain your piping systems, but our expert consultants can also recommend the best solutions to meet your project requirements. We serve businesses worldwide, and no matter your location, we offer prompt service and innovative solutions for all your industrial piping needs.

Upgrade your process piping system with butterfly valves from Industrial Pipe & Valve. Call us today at (409) 736-7667 for quality products and fast worldwide shipping. 

What Is a Butterfly Valve?

A butterfly valve uses a disc that rotates around a central axis to restrict flow as needed in a pipe. In the closed position, the disc is orientated perpendicular to the pipe, creating a seal along its edges. In the open position, it’s orientated parallel to the pipe. By stopping at any point between the open and closed position, flow can be modulated as needed for the application.

A butterfly valve functions similarly to a ball valve, but it’s lighter and easier to actuate, and both can throttle flow in the piping system. A gate valve slides a plate up or down like a guillotine to control flow in a pipe, but it can only provide rough on or off control, unlike a butterfly valve.

Classes & Speciations

There are three common types of butterfly valves. The standard, zero-offset butterfly valve features a pin directly in the center of the disc that acts as the rotational axis. It’s best used in low-pressure applications, where friction is not a concern because it typically uses a rubber seal around the disc’s perimeter to restrict fluid movement. In a dual-offset butterfly valve, the rotational axis is offset from the disc’s center and face, creating an eccentric, cam-like motion when opening or closing the valve. It is ideal for applications with higher pressures and where less friction is desired when actuating the valve.

A triple-offset butterfly valve is similar to a dual-offset valve, but it also features a beveled edge on one side of the disc with a matching stop on the surrounding valve body. On the other side of the disc is a flat edge. This creates a frictionless, metal-to-metal seal around the circumference of the valve disc, and the system is ideal for high-pressure applications.

At Industrial Pipe & Valve, we feature triple-offset butterfly valves for reliable, leak-free operation in high-pressure process piping. Our industrial valves range from Class 150 to Class 4500 for industrial pipe systems.

To learn whether a butterfly valve is the best choice for your industrial pipe system, call (409) 736-7667 or visit us online to talk to our experts today.

Styles of Butterfly Valves

We offer both lug and wafer butterfly valves at Industrial Pipe & Valve. A lug butterfly valve features metal lugs around the exterior perimeter of the valve, and each lug is drilled to accept a stud bolt. A lug valve can be used as an isolation valve, and it allows one side of the pipe to be removed without removing the valve itself. This enables the facility to service some pipe sections or inspect the butterfly valve without shutting down the entire piping system.

A wafer butterfly valve slides between two pipe flanges and features two lugs at the top and the bottom to bolt the valve in place. Seals are required on each side of the valve. Still, unlike a lug valve, a wafer butterfly valve can provide a tight seal against pressure differentials on each side of the valve, providing unidirectional flow in a piping system while preventing backflow. But if the valve needs to be inspected, the entire piping system must be shut down.

Quality Butterfly Valves From Industrial Pipe & Valve

Do you need a quality butterfly valve for your industrial piping system? Talk to our experts at Industrial Pipe & Valve. We can recommend the best one for your needs, and we feature a full range of industrial products for your business, from pipe and industrial valves to fittingsflangesgaskets, and stud bolts.

We are here to help with all your industrial piping needs, and we feature 24-hour call-out services with global shipping and exceptional customer service.

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