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Industrial Products

At Industrial Pipe & Valve we are here to provide you with the best pipe, valve, fitting, flange options that your company needs to complete your project on time and under budget. Not sure what you need? Our team has worked with a variety of companies throughout the Gulf, on projects both big and small, and can use our expertise to help you find the ideal industrial equipment solution for your project.

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Products We Sell

From carbon steel pipe to stainless steel fittings and flanges we’re the company to choose for “Prompt Service Innovative Solutions.”


Do you need to purchase stainless-steel pipe for your chemical processing facility? We sell three primary types of pipe: carbon steel pipe, stainless-steel pipe, and chrome moly pipe. We offer a variety of sizes and grades to suit your project’s needs, depending on your industry and what the pipe are transporting.

Additionally, we offer both seamless and welded pipes to cater to your specific requirements. Our pipes come in a variety of sizes and grades, ensuring a perfect fit for your project, regardless of your industry or the materials your pipes will be transporting.

To see a full list of our pipe offerings, learn more here.


Does your company need valves to regulate the flow in the process line? Are you looking for stainless-steel valves for your offshore rig that will hold up to the effects of time, weather, and salt water? Will its primary purpose be to start and stop flow or to control the direction of flow? Does it need to regulate flow or is it more important that your valve relieve a certain kind of pressure? Do you need butterfly valves for your engineering firm’s most recent construction project?

See the types of valves we have in stock.

Pipe Fittings

Does your company need to purchase pipe fittings? We have a wide variety of products to serve the offshore, midstream/transmission, refining/petrochemical, LNG, and power generation plants. Our pipe fittings come in a variety of materials so you can determine which option is the best choice for your project, including carbon steel pipe fittings, low temp carbon steel pipe fittings, high yield pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, chrome alloy pipe fittings, exotic alloy pipe fittings, and more!

To see the styles and grades of pipe fittings we offer, click here.


A flange is a method of connecting pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to form a piping system. It also provides easy access for cleaning, inspection, or modification to your design. Flanged joints are made by bolting together two pipe flanges with a gasket between them to provide a seal. We supply pipe flanges to companies in a variety of types and material grades.

No matter the size, style, or grade you need, we have you covered. Learn more.

Gaskets & Fasteners

Not sure which type of gasket is the best fit for your installation service? Let our team help you determine the right solution. We supply gaskets and fasteners to companies in a variety of types and grades. No matter the type of gasket or fasteners you’re looking for, we’re the company to call.

Click here to learn more about the gaskets and fasteners we offer.

Stud bolts

Are you seeking flange stud bolts that can resist high pressure and temperature in your industrial pipeline or pressure vessel system? As an industry-leading supplier processed piping consultant, we provide flange stud bolts suitable for numerous applications and industries. We aim to deliver the stud bolts you require right on schedule, ensuring high performance, durability, and safety for your projects.

Click here to learn more about our flange stud bolts.

Industries We Serve

Our Industrial Pipe & Valve services are equipped to serve an array of businesses located here in the Gulf. We make sure that you get the best out there so you can get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. Some of the industries that we’ve worked with are:

  • Refinery
  • Maritime
  • Oilfield
  • Fabrication
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Manufacturing
  • Liquefied Natural Gas 
  • Engineering
  • Shipping
  • Construction
  • And more!

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We’re in Texas & Louisiana: Find Your Area

In Texas, we’ve worked with companies in the following cities: Port Arthur, Beaumont, Orange, Port Neches, Groves, Nederland, Sabine Pass, Houston, Baytown, Channelview, Deer Park, Pasadena, Texas City, Mount Belvieu, La Porte, Freeport, and Corpus Christi.

The cities that we have supplied in Louisiana are: Westlake, Hackberry, Cameron, Sulphur, and Lake Charles.

Don’t see your city but still interested in working with us? Give us a call at (409) 736-7667 or fill out a contact form and let’s talk.

Our Products


We are the largest stocking distributor of Process Piping Products in Southeast Texas, with in-housemachining capabilities.


We sell Pipe, Valves, Fittings and Flanges, from carbon and stainless alloys to specialty items.


We are located at 6405 Hwy 347 Beaumont, Texas. We are strategically located to service your refinery or chemical processing facility, within minutes.


We are always available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


We are here for you. When you need fast, reliable service, Industrial Pipe & Valve will be there, day-in and day-out. With our in-house machining, manufacturing, and modification services, we offer complex solutions under one roof. All calls are answered, guaranteed.