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Stud Bolts for Process Piping Projects

Often used in structural, automotive, and piping applications, stud bolts provide a secure mechanical connection between two or more components, such as pipe flanges. As a leading provider of industrial piping supplies in the United States and worldwide, Industrial Pipe & Valve features high-quality stud bolts for all types of processed piping systems.

Our company has more than two decades of experience, and we provide top-quality products with quick, efficient service. In addition to piping supplies, we also offer product consultations as well as innovative solutions for all your piping needs. Plus, we are available anytime you need us with our 24-hour call-out services.

For quality stud bolts and other processed pipe supplies in the United States and beyond, talk to our team at Industrial Pipe & Valve. Call (409) 736-7667 today or contact us online.

What Is a Stud Bolt?

A stud bolt features threads on both ends, unlike a standard bolt that has threads on one side and a head on the other. The threads may run the entire length of the stud, similar to a threaded rod, or there may be an unthreaded portion in the center, exasperating the two threaded sections. A nut can be placed on each end to create a secure mechanical joint, or the stud bolt can be threaded into one component while a nut is placed on the other side of the stud to secure additional parts.

Types of Stud Bolts

Stud bolts are available in several styles for different applications, including:

  • Fully threaded stud bolts: These feature continuous threading along the length of the stud.
  • Flange stud bolts: These studs have continuous threading, though the ends are chamfered for easy use on pipe flanges.
  • Double-ended stud bolts: These studs feature threaded sections of equal lengths separated by an unthreaded section.
  • Reduced shank double-threaded stud bolt: A double-threaded stud bolt with an unthreaded center portion that is smaller in diameter.
  • Tap-end stud bolts: A double-threaded stud bolt with uneven thread lengths on either side and an unthreaded center portion.

At Industrial Pipe & Valve, we supply flange stud bolts for industrial pipe projects nationwide and worldwide. Call us today at (409) 736-7667 or contact us online for a quote.

Types of Threads

We provide flange stud bolts with various types of threads for both international and domestic piping projects. Our most common thread options include:

  • ISO metric thread
  • UNC thread
  • UNF thread
  • ACME thread
  • And more!

Stud Bolt Strength

Depending on the application, stronger studs may be needed to withstand higher clamping forces with minimal stretching. There are three basic stud bolt strengths:

  • Low-strength stud bolts
  • Intermediate strength stud bolts
  • High-strength stud bolts

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Uses for Stud Bolts

Fully threaded and flange stud bolts are commonly used in the energy industry for joining oil or natural gas piping. This can include facilities like oilfields, refineries, pipelines, offshore oil rigs, and drill ships. Dual-ended and tap-end stud bolts are common in automotive and marine applications, such as head studs for an engine. They are also used in blind holes to mount brackets and other components. All types of stud bolts can be found in manufacturing and fabrication facilities.

Quality Stud Bolts & Piping Supplies

When you need the best stud bolts for your processed piping project, turn to our team at Industrial Pipe & Valve. We offer stud bolts from the industry’s top manufacturers, as well as a full selection of other piping supplies, such as piping, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, and more. Our company offers prompt service, and we will work with you to develop innovative solutions for all your industrial piping needs. We are here to help anytime with 24-hour services that you can count on.

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