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Branch Connection Fittings From Industrial Pipe & Valve

When your next piping project needs high-quality branch connection fittings, call the team at Industrial Pipe & Valve. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we’re here to provide you with quick and efficient service and innovative solutions to get your project done right.

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What Is a Branch Connection Fitting?

Branch connection fittings, or O’lets, provide an outlet from one pipe to another. The work to spit or divert the flow of fluid from the main pipeline into different directions like when adding lines to existing pipes or changing directions. 

They are often used instead of a standard piping tee or saddle-type pipe connection since their self-reinforcing design requires less on-site fabrication. 

Types of Branch Connections IPV Offers

At Industrial Pipe & Valve, we offer a variety of branch connections, including:

  • Weldolet: The most common connection, the weldolet is welded onto an outlet pipe and has a beveled end to allow for this. It is designed to provide superior reinforcement and minimize stress concentrations.
  • Threadolet: This connect has a threat inside the top of the o’let to allow for a weldless installation and is manufactured in 3000# and 6000# classes.
  • Sockolet: With a sockolet, a socket inside the o’let allows the pipe to sit for simpler installation and welding. These connections are manufactured in 3000#, 6000#, and 9000# classes.
  • Latrolet: For 45-degree lateral connections, a latrolet uses a butt-weld for reinforcement and is available in 3000# and 6000# classes.
  • Elbolet: For 90-degree Long Radius Elbows, the elbolet meets reinforcement requirements with a butt-weld and is available in 3000# and 6000# classes.

For high-quality branch connection fittings, call our team at (409) 736-7667 or contact us online

Different Types of Connections for Each Type of Branch Connection

We offer a variety of types of connections for each type of branch connection, including:

  • Threaded: Threaded connections are one of the most popular ways for pipes to connect to each other. Most of the time, they are used for small lines. The ends of the pipe have threads and a cap with threads screws onto it. This type of link is easy to put together and take apart, which makes it easy to maintain and fix. Threaded connections, on the other hand, may not be good for high-pressure and high-temperature uses because they can cause leaks.
  • Welded or butt-weld: Welded connections, especially butt-weld connections, are used for larger pipe diameters and for critical uses with high pressure, high temperature, or high stress. In a butt-weld connection, the pipes that need to be joined are brought together and soldered at the joint. This type of connection is often used in businesses like oil and gas, power generation, and petrochemicals because it is strong and doesn’t leak. 
  • Socket weld: Small to medium-sized pipes that carry fluids with mild to high-pressure use socket weld connections. In a socket weld link, one pipe goes into the other, and then a fillet weld is done around the joint. This kind of connection seals well and is easier to put together than a butt-weld connection. But thermal forces can cause it to crack, so it’s not a good choice for situations when the temperature changes.

Each of these types of connections has its own pros and cons, and the one you choose relies on things like the size of the pipe, the pressure and temperature of the fluid being moved, and the needs of the application.

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